The Five Best Cities for Millennials

Millennials are a tricky group to figure out. More so than generations before them, individualism is their driving force, which makes them difficult to pin down. There are however many characteristics that are common within their group despite the individualism.

They largely support equality and their vision for the world is to stifle corruption and create a level playing field. They want the ability to get the most out of life and have a good time but also want a meaningful job that they can get a lot out of.

For Millennials looking to relocate, it can be tricky finding the right city to go to. It has to be vibrant–the last place they want to be is in a dull or stagnating city. It has to be diverse; acceptance and unity are of the utmost importance. It has to be entertaining, no shortage of restaurants, bars, clubs and coffee shops. And it has to have a wide scope of employment opportunities, Millennials want their jobs to enrich their lives, they’re not looking to just punch in and out and turn their brains off.

Based on their criteria, we’ve created a list of the five best American cities to meet their desires. If you’re a millennial and are looking to relocate, consider these five places.

1. San Francisco, CA

A Millennial paradise, San Francisco is brimming with diversity and is a bastion of equality. There’s no shortage of ways to entertain yourself with a great nightlife and a lot of unique spots to attract Millenials of different stripes. The job market is booming making it ideal for recent graduates to kick off their careers. The biggest downfall is affordability, and this can’t be overstated. For most Millennials, it’s an unattainable fantasy.

2. Salt Lake City, UT

It may not be the first place you think of that would attract Millennials, but don’t be fooled. Ranked the gayest city in America, it’s become quite a progressive and inclusive city. It’s top notch on affordability, with well-priced housing and a lot of fun inexpensive things to do. The tech industry is also booming there making it a popular spot for millennials and with an unemployment rate under 3%, the job market is solid overall.

3. Orlando, FL

Orlando is not just theme park central, it’s a vibrant city and has lured in its fair share of Millennials. While not technically on the water, the beach is never far and there is no shortage of ways to entertain yourself, including a great nightlife. The job market is also booming, leading the state in job creation.

4. Seattle, WA

If individuality is your cup of tea, you can always be yourself in Seattle. Famously known for being inclusive and hell-bent on creating a diverse environment that champions equality. Home to tech giants, $15 minimum wage, nature and a coffee shop on every corner, renders it a millennial paradise.

5. Austin, TX

Texas doesn’t come off as a state that attracts Millennials but it’s more progressive than you think, with Austin leading the charge. Austin boasts a great nightlife and no shortage of festivals. They’re widely regarded as a music capital. There’s also an abundance of outdoor activities and focus on sustainability and environmental protection. A booming job market and affordable housing make it ideal for young Millennials kicking off their careers.

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