7 Stylish Ways to Make Your Backyard Private

The best thing about being home is the privacy. The ability to do things that you might get arrested for in public. Nowhere else can you strut around half nude with chocolate sauce on your face without being put in an insane asylum. It’s liberating not worrying about being under surveillance.

If only the same applied to the backyard. Once you’re outdoors, there are no shutters; you’re fully exposed to your neighbors. While you’re still not technically in a public space and can get away with much more, there are likely certain barriers you wouldn’t be comfortable crossing.

Anything that is enjoyable indoors, is generally better outdoors (provided the weather is comfortable). It’s more fun to barbecue than cook on the stove, food tastes better outside, cold beer is better outside, company is better outside. You only live once; you should be able to do everything you enjoy outside, but how can you accomplish that?

The good news is there are measures you can take to make your backyard more private, even fully private. Follow these tips and let loose.

1. Build A Fence

This goes without saying, but it’s worth mentioning as a first line of defense for people on the street level.

2. Go Natural

The best option is to go natural and surround your backyard with trees and shrubs. This will provide almost full privacy and look great too. There are a few downfalls, however, first off trees don’t grow overnight, it may take a while before you have full privacy. Another problem is very little sun will get through which is bad if you like the sun and it will stifle the growth of your grass.

3. Outdoor Curtains

This obviously isn’t a solution for your entire yard, but a chic addition to your patio. It gives a range of options from full to no privacy.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo is a very versatile plant. It can grow tall on its own and give you full privacy and it can also be used to fill in gaps that may exist in fences and other places.

5. Pergola With Vines

Pergolas are a beautiful addition to any backyard. While they provide decent privacy, your neighbors will be able to catch a glance if so inclined. By weaving vines throughout the poles and crossbeams you can achieve full privacy. In addition to the privacy, it provides a very serene and romantic setting in your own backyard.

6. Metal Fence

Corrugated metal fences are very popular for a more modern feel. They are also very durable and last much longer than a traditional wooden fence. Not only does it last longer than a wooden fence, but it’s private. While wooden fences provide a barrier, there are gaps where onlookers can sneak a peak.

7. Portable Partition

They don’t only create privacy, there’s a wide range of different styles and colors you can get to add style to your backyard. Be sure to get one that’s tall enough to block second-floor windows. The best thing about a portable partition is its versatility: You can place it anywhere in the backyard when privacy is desired.

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