Allergy Sufferers: Reducing The Allergens In Your Home

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People who don’t have allergies generally think that allergy sufferers don’t have it that bad; it could be worse, like having deteriorating health. Only allergy sufferers understand the frustration of living with this nagging affliction. Sometimes a dose of antihistamine will do the trick, but often times it only mitigates the suffering. If unable to remedy the situation, allergy sufferers are stuck sniffling, sneezing or wheezing without an end in sight, especially in the spring and fall. Suffering from allergies is bad enough when you’re at work or out and about. It’s even worse when you’re home and trying to relax, having to cope with the incessant discomfort.

What many allergy sufferers don’t realize is that there are other ways we can mitigate the effects of allergies. That’s right, you don’t have to solely rely on antihistamine or allergy shots. When you’re out and about, outside of wearing a surgical mask, there’s little you can do aside from avoiding areas with high pollen proliferation. When at home, however, it’s your domain, you control the environment. All you need is the knowledge required to combat these microscopic menaces. Follow these tips and make your home as allergy friendly as possible.

1) HEPA Filter

HEPA filters (high-efficiency particulate air) are specially designed to stifle the proliferation of allergens in your home. It’s especially important to install one in your room; one of the primary frustration allergy sufferers have to cope with is restless nights. If you can vastly reduce allergens in your room, you’ll get a better nights sleep which translates to being less susceptible to allergens.

2) Pets

This may be a tough one to swallow for animal lovers, but odds are your pet is one of the biggest contributors to your suffering. Even if you avoid direct contact and eliminate exposure to their allergy ridden saliva, their dander floating in the air will still get you. It would be unreasonable to banish the pets you currently have but think twice before obtaining a new one. And it’s not just cat’s and dogs either, almost any furry pet will wreak havoc regardless of size, even a gerbil.

3) Weekly Deep Cleans

If giving your home a deep clean once a week isn’t already on the docket, make sure you add it on right away. Everyone should be cleaning their home once a week, but especially allergy sufferers. It’s important to incorporate the top down method (cleaning from the highest point and making your way down to the floor) to reduce the resettlement of dust and dirt. Try asking another family member to do the dusting, but if you’re stuck, wear a mask. Also, make sure you wash your sheets on a hot a setting to eliminate the potential of dust mites in your bed.

4) Low Humidity

Unless you live in the desert, buy a dehumidifier. Allergens proliferate in moist environments, by keeping it dry; you dramatically reduce their numbers and render them harmless. Additionally, you want to prevent the growth of mold, which wreaks havoc on allergy sufferers.

For more information on how to reduce allergens in your home, check out these mold removal and prevention tips.

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