Budget-Friendly Ways to Enhance Your Decor

Budget-friendly is the name of the game when undertaking any task. It’s easy to let your home’s decor stagnate. Freshening it up is vital for you and your family more so than it is for guests. For guests, it’s always fresh because they don’t have to live with it. Undertaking small projects to improve your home will always keep the environment fresh and exciting for you and your family.

The biggest issue is cost. Decorating is expensive and can be a real drain on the bank account if done too often. This causes many to just be content with what they have and dedicate their budget to more tangible things like vacations and entertainment. This line of thinking can result in you living in a home you don’t like. That’s unhealthy for a variety of reasons.

Using a budget-friendly strategy will not only keep your decor fresh, it will allow you to retain all the other things that are important to you. Don’t be fooled by the misconception that refreshing your decor is a costly enterprise. There are plenty of budget-friendly ways you can achieve your goal, here are a few tips that will get you on the right track:

1) Kitchen Refresh

When you think of freshening your kitchen, you automatically assume it’s an expensive endeavor. Updating cabinetry, tiles, and backsplashes can be extremely expensive. If your kitchen is generally in good shape, but you’re just looking for something fresh, there’s a budget-friendly way to do it: Replace all the knobs and drawer pulls on your cabinetry and replace your faucet with something you love. The cost associated with these types of changes are menial and it will make an enormous difference.

2) Throw Pillows

Couches and chairs are extremely expensive, however, there is a budget-friendly way to give them a refresh. First, give the couch a good cleaning, not just a vacuuming. Then go out and buy new throw pillows to give it a completely different look. An even more budget-friendly strategy would be to just buy new cases for your current pillows.

3) Paint

A good way to change the complexity of a room is to repaint it. As a DIY project, painting is extremely inexpensive. If you can keep to one room at a time, it’s also a project you could complete on a Sunday.

4) Light Fixtures

There is a wide array of budget-friendly light fixtures, it’s just a matter of going out and exploring. Light fixtures are a vital accent to any room and a revamp can completely change its complexion. This also goes for bedrooms, not just living and dining rooms. Refreshing your bedroom is equally important to other parts of the house.

5) Crown Moldings

Crown moldings are inexpensive and simple to install. The only difficult part is cutting the corners, but you get the hang of it or you can buy them pre-cut. This an example of a very small detail that brings immeasurable richness to a room. You’ll notice the next time you have guests over that they will notice that you did something, but won’t be able to pinpoint it.

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