Decorate Your Space in the Style of Midcentury Modern


Nostalgia is a powerful thing. There’s just something about the past that brings us a sentimental longing, even for periods we weren’t even alive to see. It’s one of the reasons mid-century modern style homes are becoming the latest big trend across America.

If you’d like to give your own place a look inspired by the 50s and 60s, consider the following decoration tips:

1. It’s All About Real Wood

Several decades ago people didn’t opt for furniture crafted from pressed wood. They used the real thing, giving their spaces clean lines featuring rosewood, walnut, teak, oak, and other attractive types of wood. Letting wood chairs or a sofa with wood frame take center stage will help your room evoke that mid-century feel.

2. Light Up The Place

It’s just not a mid-century modern home without gorgeous lights dangling above the dinner table. Also look around for pendant lights designed to look from this era. When looking for table lamps keep an eye out for curvy bases and tall, slim lampshades.

3. Go Vintage When Furnishing

Don’t make the mistake of decorating your place with products found at just about any furniture store. You’re much more likely to find the perfect sculptural base or 60s-esque bowl by rummaging through flea markets and vintage shops. You’d be surprised by how many amazing things you can find out there that have just the right clean lines and bold graphic fabrics to tie your mid-century modern space together.

4. Clean Up The Kitchen

The kitchen was at the top of the list of every post-war homeowner who wanted to give their place a modern look. To make yours look similar, swap out your curved kitchen cabinets and furniture for clean lines. This includes stainless steel and/or marble countertops, laminate flooring, and flat wood cabinets.

5. Reflection Perfection

If there’s one design accessory your mid-century modern space can’t go without, it’s artistic mirrors. This era is famous for its use of classy sunburst mirrors as attractive focal points on walls. Mirrors also do their part to make a room appear larger by reflecting more light.

6. White Walls Are A Must

This style is all about giving all the attention to your beautiful furniture and art pieces. A white wall offers the perfect neutral palette to make your wood and other rich colors stand out and take center stage. People from this era wanted to show off their gorgeous, modern furnishing and painting their wall white was the perfect solution.

7. Add Pieces of Art

If you do go with white walls then anything you hang on them will immediately attract attention. Do some shopping to find pieces such as artistic metal plaques or oil paintings that look straight from the 50s and 60s. The trick is to highlight the room with only one or a few pieces of art and not cluttering your walls with every piece you could find.

8. Drinks on Wheels

People from the 50s sure loved to drink, enough that the average home had a bar cart they’d roll wherever they felt like enjoying a bit of liquor. Look around for a bar cart similar to those used in the mid-century era and fill it with vintage glasses, decanters, and a cocktail shaker.

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