Decorating Your Rock N’ Roll Man Cave: 4 Easy Steps

rock n roll

Once a man moves in with his partner, the first realization said partner makes quite clear is: ‘You have bad taste’ — Enter the man cave…

You’ve spent your whole life collecting Pink Floyd posters that you can no longer hang. You’ve saved every concert ticket stub you’ve ever been to and can no longer tack it to your oversized corkboard. That couch that took you 15 years to work in is too dirty and ugly to bring to your new home.

It doesn’t end! Your partner will try to micro manage every aspect of décor, so good luck getting a word in. Your only hope lies in convincing your partner to allow you a man cave to put all your prized possessions in. Your private personal space they will never have to see or touch. But convincing them isn’t that easy. Sure, you will get your space, but you will have to make compromises to keep your partner happy.

In four steps, I’ll show you how to decorate your man cave a la Rock N’ Roll and keep your partner happy.

1. Posters
Don’t worry, with a modest investment you’ll be able to keep your posters, but it’s how you keep them that’s important. Your partner will not want the wall-to-wall posters that you are used to, so it’s important to first select your absolute favorite posters.

Once you have your favorite posters selected, do not tack or tape them directly to the wall. Get them tastefully framed and put them up the same way that you would put up a family photo or painting. Make sure it’s spaced properly and so on.

2. Concert Tickets
If you walk into any rockers living space, you will undoubtedly notice a giant eye sore of a corkboard with a ticket stub from every concert that they have attended.

The best way to display your concert tickets is to paste them on to a poster-sized sheet of thick construction paper and, you guessed it, have it framed.

As you continue to collect tickets, save them until you have enough to make another collage.

3. Instruments and Records
Make sure your guitars are nicely placed on guitar stands, not stacked in the corner in their cases. If you have a drum kit, strategically place it in a corner.

Get a nice shelf to organize your records on. If you have space, take your personal favorites and hang them up on the wall.

4. Novelty Items
Novelty items add a lot of charm to any man cave but try not to over do it. Limit neon signs to one or two and make sure to work with your space. You want to avoid clutter; space out your novelty items accordingly.

While the whole point of a man cave is the freedom to do what you want, it’s always a good idea to keep it tasteful. At the end of the day, even you will be more comfortable with it.

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