Ditch Those Cans Of Paint: 5 Stunning Wallpaper Trends


Refinishing your walls consists of two cost factors. The first is initial cost and the second is maintenance. While painting has a relatively low upfront cost, maintenance can be tedious. On the flip side, wallpaper has a more expensive upfront cost, but lasts longer and is easier to clean. Wallpaper is the more economical choice in the long run.

Wallpaper is also an excellent choice if you have children. If you notice the painted walls in homes with children, you will notice a lot of chipping, stains, and discoloration. Wallpaper on the other is more resistant to the rough and tumble lifestyle of child rearing. It doesn’t chip, and stains can be easily removed. The texture is made that way purposely.

Aside from practical uses, there are far more compelling reasons to opt for wallpaper: Namely, the beauty. The transformation a room can undergo after applying wallpaper is quite staggering. Here are some new and interesting wallpaper trends:

1.Metallic Wallpaper

A very popular trend right now in interior design is metallic, especially copper. This trend is also gaining steam in wallpaper. While this type of wallpaper can be very difficult to apply (any mistakes with metallic wallpaper will be magnified), once it’s on, you won’t regret it. The overall look metallic wallpaper can add to a room is truly brilliant.

2. Embossed Wallpaper

Embossed wallpaper has a slightly raised surface so patterns pop out. If you’re looking to add a dimension of richness to your room, embossed wallpaper is a great option. The most interesting part of embossed wallpaper is selecting a color to paint over it. While it can take a lot of time to complete this type of project, it’s well worth it when you see the results.

3. Silk Wallpaper

Silk wallpaper is expensive and difficult to apply (always use a professional), but don’t let this dissuade you. Interior designers are almost unanimous that silk is the most beautiful and versatile substance you can apply to your walls. Be careful when choosing which rooms to apply silk wallpaper, as it’s delicate and not ideal for high traffic areas.

4.Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper is made up of simple lines and shapes. If you’re trying to go contemporary, this is probably one of hottest trending options. What’s great about this type of wallpaper are the limitless options of shapes and colors. This certainly is a trend that’s going to stick around for a while with such a rich array of options.

5.Digital Wallpaper

Digital print technology has opened the door to a wide variety of different patterns and pictures. Anything you can imagine to be applied to your walls. You can literally take any image that you fancy and have it produced to fit the walls you want to put them on. If you thought the options were endless with geometric wallpaper, digital truly takes it to the next level. But like with anything that is highly customizable, you need to be careful. What looks good on your smart phone may not look good on your walls. Once you select the images you like, confer with an interior designer on what makes sense.

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