Guest Room Essentials: Going The Extra Mile For Your Visitors


Guest rooms are all about making your visitors feel as cozy and comfortable as possible. While many guests are just fine with a bed to sleep in, it’s a nice gesture doing a little bit more to make sure their stay at your place is great.

Drawer and Closet Space

Guests that are staying over for more than a few days will appreciate a place where they can keep their things. It’s much easier accessing makeup, clothes, and other belongings from a drawer than by having to dig around a suitcase. A dresser with a few empty hangers is also sure to be appreciated.

Clothes Hamper

There’s nothing worse than traveling for a few days and forgetting to bring something to keep your dirty clothes in. If this happens to your guests they’ll be forced to stuff their clothes back into their suitcase or in a plastic bag. A hamper gives them a nice place to keep it all, especially if they need to do laundry before leaving.

The Wi-Fi Password

In this day and age, it’s only a matter of time before your guests ask for your Wi-Fi password. Otherwise, they’ll have to use their own data while using their laptops and smart devices. It shows courteousness when they don’t have to ask for the password because it’s already in the room on a post-it note or printed note card.

Scented Candles

Your guest room should be clean and odor free by the time visitors arrive. Give them a way to keep the room smelling great by leaving some candles or air fresheners. Guests will definitely appreciate it when they want to leave your room as nice and clean as when they arrived.

Extra Blankets & Pillows

People have different sleeping habits. Some prefer having a few pillows for support, while others like the heavy feel of two thick blankets on them. Be sure to leave spare pillows and blankets in the room, especially during the colder months of the year.

Amenity Kit

We’ve all been there. You’re staying at a hotel or visiting family and realize you forgot to pack your toothbrush or body lotion. Your guests won’t need to worry when they see that you’ve left an amenity basket filled with towels and other common toiletries. Definitely, leave plenty of toilet paper to avoid any awkward scenarios with your guests.

Blackout Curtains

There’s a reason why most hotels have curtains made of thick fabrics covering their windows. Not everyone enjoys strong rays of light in their face while they’re still trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep. Blackout curtains let your guests sleep better, especially if they’re sensitive to light and have trouble sleeping if a lamp outside is near enough to shine inside.

Water & Snacks

Your guests shouldn’t have to explore every cabinet in your kitchen as they try and guess where you keep your cups. Leave a pitcher with water or a few water bottles in their room so they can comfortably have a sip in the dark hours of the night. While you’re at it, leave some snacks you’d think they’d like in case they get a little hungry but are embarrassed to mention it to you.

Television, Magazines & Books

Some people like to keep a shelf of books in their guest room. While that’s fine, guests are less likely to pop open a random novel than they are a recent magazine. A television they can click on to watch and relax with is also appreciated.

Luggage Rack

Luggage racks are great because it means your guests won’t have to toss their bags on the bed or kneel on the floor to look through their stuff. Instead, they’ll be able to more conveniently access their belongings while you don’t have to worry about dirty luggage ruining your carpet, tables, or chairs.

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