Fun Ways to Decorate Your Home Based on Your Zodiac Sign


If you believe in astrology then you probably already let your sign help you decide how you dress or even who you date. Even if you don’t, there’s still fun in seeing what some people believe are the colors that best suit them. If you’ve ever wanted to decorate your home based off your zodiac sign, consider the following colors:


The sign Capricorn is believed to stand for stability and independence. They are stern and rock-line, making earthy colors like dark green, dark blood red, and deep brown perfect for your home. Wood cabinetry and clocks are a good choice, as are leather sofas anything that evokes nature.


Aries fall under the sign of the aggressive planet Mars. They are bold and energetic, making the color red perfect for them. If you’re Aries, consider bright accents such as red or yellow objects on a neutral background. Large windows and plenty of lighting is also a must.


Like water, an Aquarius has emotions that can be calm one minute and temperamental the next. Since turquoise is the Aquarian color, which means you can have fun with cool whites combined with accents of green and blue. Vibrant hues like indigo, salmon and violet are also recommended.


Pisces are compassionate and devoted but also prefer to be left alone at times. You should design your home as the perfect place to retreat, which means comfy accessories like silk pillows and sheets. To truly make it your sanctuary you’ll want to surround yourself with calm colors like sea green, mauve, silver, and aqua,


Taurus are also very ambitious and reliable. Sensual, soothing colors like green and light yellows will make the perfect abode for you. Since Taurus are also known for their eye for beauty, you more than anyone else would enjoy fine art or beautiful paintings in your place.


Gemini are very expressive and sociable. Yellow is the perfect color to match their happiness and optimism, while bright shades of green and blue also work. Gemini are very stylish decorators and known to prefer pink and red in their home.


Cancer traits include being very intuitive but also sentimental, allowing them to empathize with others. This means plenty of personal objects in the home such as framed photos and nostalgic souvenirs. As for colors, Cancer prefer soothing colors such as pale blue, whites, and silver.


Leo, much like the lion, are bold, courageous, and love attention. This means plenty of exotic decorations among bold colors, especially orange and gold. Give visitors a lasting impression of your place by using deep reds combined with gold accents and sandy browns.


Virgo tend to get picked on for their attention to detail and perfectionist attitude. Of course, those who want to have while decorating the perfect place for you. Virgo is an earth sign, which means good use of earthy hues like tan, beige, and a bit of dark brown. Neutral colors such as dove gray and white are also popular.


Of all the zodiac signs, none have a better range of colors than Libra. Your style, and energy can be reflected with the use of everything from rosy pink and ivory to shades of soft blue and green. Serene pastel colors are perfect for giving your place that balanced, elegant look.


Scorpios are the only group that can fall between two distinct color choices. While some enjoy tons of white, others opt for intense colors like orange and strong shades of red. Scorpio are also known to prefer black on both their wardrobe and in their homes.


Someone who is a Sagittarius is normally very exciting and vibrant. They’re also lovers of the outdoors and its many colors, especially blue, red and purple. Sagittarius will often decorate their place to reflect their love of bright flowers, such as with the use of vibrant-colored candles.

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