Interior Design: Useful Tips on Scandinavian Style

If you had to sum up Scandinavian style decorating in one word, it would have to be minimalist. Scandinavians have a knack for utility as well. While a home decorated in this style may seem cold and uncomfortable at first, once you explore it you will find many of the pieces have a particular function that may not be apparent at first glance.

Another word to describe Scandinavian design is purity. Light colors tend to dominate Scandinavian homes with the use of clean lines. This is intended to contrast the extended periods of darkness in the winter months.

Given the long winters and extended periods of darkness, Scandinavian homes are generally designed to be very comfortable and liveable. While these ends can be met in a variety of different ways, the styles they use are very original and different from what we are used to in the United States.

Here are some useful tips on how to decorate your home in the style of Scandinavia.

1.Negative Space
Scandinavians are well known for their use of negative space. It goes completely against their philosophy to allow the appearance of chaos to enter into their design. Even in tight areas, you will find a lot of effort is put into ensuring that furniture is sufficiently spaced out and pleasing to the eye. Also, while light colors dominate, splashes of black are very effective in achieving this technique.

Light colored wood and tiles, generally whites and greys, are typical in any Scandinavian home. Wall to wall carpeting is non-existent, however, the strategic placement of area rugs are essential to bringing warmth to any room. Don’t be shy when working with wood; incorporating wood on your walls is a great technique to give the space true Scandinavian feel.

3.Dining Room
When decorating in the style of Scandinavia, it’s important to let your imagination flow. The dining room is no exception. While it may seem simple to find a dining room table that fits in with this style of design, don’t be afraid to be bold. It’s not uncommon to use two different styles of chairs and a completely different style of table. If it looks good together, that’s all that matters. Decorating in this style means not being a slave to uniformity.

Scandinavian’s are no strangers to harsh winters. The entire region is engulfed by cold and darkness for half the year. Due to this uncomfortable reality, fireplaces are a staple in any Scandinavian home. Practically speaking it is easy to dismiss this design trend on the grounds that they could just use a heater, but traditionally, this is how all Scandinavians heated their homes in the past. You would be hard-pressed to find a home in the region that doesn’t already have a fireplace, Scandinavians have embraced this reality and as a result, a chic fireplace in the corner is fully integrated into the design style. It adds a lot of warmth and character to the living room.

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