Laundry Room Organization & Style Tips

laundry room organize style

There are a lot of details that go into decorating your home, an inviting kitchen, warm living room, serene dining room, cozy bedrooms and the list goes on and on. These aren’t the types of projects that get solved in a day, it’s an ongoing struggle: Styles change, people change, children become teenagers and all the while you’re scrambling to maintain a beautiful and functional design and decor that matches your family’s lifestyle. One room that often gets neglected is the laundry room.

The laundry room is viewed the same way a vacuum cleaner is: It’s there to do a job and it’s hidden most of the time. The truth couldn’t be farther from the perception, especially in large families. The amount of time spent doing laundry is only rivaled by kitchen clean-up. In a family of 4 or more, loads are done daily. Despite this reality, the laundry is treated like the basement storage room; everything gets shoved in with no regard or concern until of course you inevitably need to do load and can’t find the detergent or get knocked in the head with ironing board when you open the door.

With Laundry rooms getting smaller and smaller, it’s more vital than ever to keep them organized and it’s always fun to add a little flare. Follow some of these tips and make one of the busiest rooms in your home less frustrating to manage.

1) Shelving

You’ll notice in a lot of laundry rooms, the detergents and cleaning products are stuffed in the corner. Often times they get kicked over and spill or certain products are difficult to locate. Incorporate as much shelving as possible and organize all your household cleaners and detergents for easy access.

2) Lost Socks

For more of stylistic tip for your laundry, get clever and pragmatic with your socks. Most people lose track of their missing socks, few keep singles organized, in preparation for the day that they come across their counterparts. Take on a small DIY laundry room project and create a ‘lost socks’ sign with individual clips. Hang it up on a bare wall or the door and voila! Never lose track of your socks again.

3) Built-In Drying Rack

When doing laundry, you will inevitably come across delicates that need to be hung to dry. Most people have drying racks, but the problem with drying racks is there’s never a good place to put them. They take up too much space in bedrooms and are an eyesore in other rooms. Instead, install a built-in retractable drying rack in your laundry room. Use height to your advantage instead of settling for your typical drying rack.

4) Ironing Board Hooks

As part of another DIY project, purchase a slat of wood and two coat hooks. Paint the wood to match your decor or give it a natural stain for a rustic look. Once finished, install the two coat hooks side by side (measure exact alignment with the ironing board) on the wood slat and then install the wood slat on the wall. Now you have a stylish and useful hook for your ironing board so that it never gets in the way again.

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