Kid’s Decor: Dec it Out Disney Style


A child’s bedroom should be a place of tranquility, safety and of course, fun! Decorating your kid’s room with elements from their favorite Disney movies is a great way to help them feel comfortable and confident in who they are. While there are tons of Disney movies to draw inspiration from, here are five gender neutral Disney themed bedroom ideas sure to have your child grinning from ear to ear every time they lay their head down to sleep.

Under the Sea

Your little deep sea divers are sure to wake up excited every morning in a room that exists under the sea. To little boys and girls alike, the ocean represents a whole other world full of mystical creatures and endless possibilities. Let your child’s imagination roam free as they wake up under a majestic canopy shaped like a jellyfish, complete with glowing twinkle lights or hanging metallic ribbon. Painting the walls in hues of blue can really create the illusion of being underwater. Don’t forget to add decals of your favorite underwater characters from films like Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid. Kick your oceanic getaway up a notch with a mini- aquarium or fish bowl that will not only look awesome but also teach the little ones about responsibility as they care for their new scaly friends.

A Room Fit for a Lion King

If your little lion cubs are looking for a Sub-Saharan getaway, they’ll love a room themed like Disney’s The Lion King. Small African-inspired details like a leaf-shaped ceiling fan or a decal of Rafiki’s “Tree of Life” just behind your child’s bed can create the perfect desert scene (minus the sand).  If you’re looking for a less permanent solution to painting your child’s walls, you may consider decorating with shadow art.  Create shadows of canopy trees and other characters from the movie over walls painted in warm tones of orange and yellow, helping to give the room the ambiance of the Sub-Saharan desert at sunset.  With a room this spectacular, your lion cub will be ruling the animal kingdom in no time.

Just Hangin’ Out

Do you have a wild monkey on your hands? Why not turn your child’s bedroom into a lush, green jungle like in Disney’s Tarzan or The Jungle Book? Just like adults, kids love having a quiet place that’s all theirs. All the more reason to turn their bed into a secret tree house hideout. It’s easy to turn a bunk bed into a magical treehouse by winding fake vines up the ladder and adding a green netted canopy to the top bunk. Adding green fringe carpet or area rugs can really help create the illusion of greenery in the room.  For older kids, placing a potted plant or two in their room will help create a jungle atmosphere and can serve as a fun activity as they learn to water it and watch it grow.

Toys, Toys, Toys!

It’s no secret, kids love toys— which explains why Disney’s Toy Story has grown to be a unanimous family favorite. There are many different fun and dynamic characters in the Toy Story films, giving you tons of great options when it comes to theming your child’s bedroom.  If your kiddo loves Woody the cowboy, transform the room into a scene from the wild west. Hang up decorative cowboy hats on a hat rack in the corner of the room and place a cow-skin rug on the floor. If your child is more of a Buzz Lightyear fan, turn their room into another galaxy by placing glow in the dark stars and shapes on the walls and ceiling. Send your kid to infinity and beyond every night by painting a rocket ship blasting off into space on the wall just behind the head of their bed.

And for your Toy Story enthusiasts who unapologetically leave their toys all over the house, create a personalized toy chest! Together, you can paint the chest in your favorite colors and put their name on it. A personalized toy chest is a perfect solution to a messy problem.

Keep it Classic

There are tons of great Disney movies that can inspire your child’s bedroom decor—it’s hard to pick just one! That’s why many Disney fans choose to decorate their children’s rooms with elements that scream classic Disney. Begin by setting a color palette based off of the classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters: red, black and white.  Adorn your child’s bed with Mickey Mouse ear pillows and white and black polka dot bedding.  For this theme, attention to small details can really go a long way. For example, sewing enlarged white buttons to red drapes can mimic Mickey Mouse’s get up in a wonderfully understated way. While the classic Disney theme can be great for children of a very young age, it serves just as well for the older kids due to the clean, simple decor and solid color palette.

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