Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Making the Most of Your Small Space


Whether you live in a crowded city or a suburban neighborhood, dealing with small living spaces can be challenging. Luckily, there are tons of stylish solutions to even the smallest of rooms. Below are some great ways to maximize your space, proving bigger isn’t always better.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…Why Must This Room Be So Small?

Even in the tiniest of spaces, creative placement of furniture and home decor can completely transform a room–especially when it comes to mirrors.  Mirrors are a great way to make rooms appear larger than they actually are.  Choose a focal point in a room and be sure to angle any hanging mirrors towards it.  Mirrors are especially helpful in enlarging rooms when placed by windows.  The light bounces off the mirrors helping the room to appear brighter and have more depth.

It’s All About The Storage

When dealing with a small space, clutter is the enemy! Whether it’s your kitchen, living room or closet; even a few items out of place can make the room look like a total mess.  While it may seem impossible, there are some incredible storage solutions out there to help maximize any extra space you have in your home.  If your family room or den is cluttered with loose items like blankets, books or the kids’ toys, consider using multi-purpose furniture.  Many ottomans and coffee tables open up into stylish storage bins making your stuff practically invisible.

Another great storage solution are unconventional shelves.  Being that most corner areas aren’t utilized, they’re a great place to install small shelves.  Corner shelves are great for storing books, movies or decorative items, and they don’t take up tons of precious wall space.

The Power of Color

If you’re planning on painting your small dining room a cool grey hue or a shade of deep blue, you may want to reconsider. Choosing darker hues can absorb light, making the room appear stuffy and small. However, choosing to adorn your walls with lighter colors has the opposite effect. Lighter shades are reflective and help rooms to appear brighter and more spacious.

Aside from choosing lighter colors for your walls, there are also ways to make a room appear larger with contrasting color.  Painting any trim or crown moldings in a slightly lighter color than your walls can make rooms seem bigger and more inviting.  And if you love bold colors, choosing one or two statement pieces like a turquoise lamp or an oversized orange candle can serve as great accent pieces.

Make the Most of Your Windows
When you are decorating your home, choosing window treatments can really determine the tone of a room–and the size.  If you are putting up drapes over your windows, be sure to hang the curtain rod closer to the ceiling instead of the top of the window.  This is a great eye trick that completely opens up your room and makes it appear a lot more spacious. Maximizing the use of any natural light is crucial to making your room appear larger.  Try to avoid any heavy blinds or thick curtains and instead opt for some sheer drapes to let the light shine through.

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