Storage Solutions: Childern’s Toys Simplified

storing children's toys

One of the first things we look for in a home is storage, there’s an enormous preoccupation with where all our items will fit. While we are shocked at how hoarders live, the truth is that there is a little hoarder in all of us. But aside from our hoarder tendencies, there are a lot of items and supplies that require storing in order to ensure the proper maintenance and functionality for your home. You think you have enough space until you have kids and are inundated with toys and left scrambling for storage.

Kids outgrow their toys as fast as they outgrow their clothes, always necessitating a wide range to choose from. This leads to a constant accumulation of toys and the discarding of very few, given they will serve for future children down the pipeline. All these toys and lack of storage can lead to extremely chaotic children’s rooms and playrooms. This is not only frustrating for parents, it’s frustrating for children who have trouble locating the toy they’re looking for.

Follow our storage solution tips for children’s toys and streamline your children’s entertainment:


1) Toy Sorting

To reiterate, kids outgrow their toys really fast. This necessitates the purchasing of new toys and a constant accumulation with no end in sight. Eventually, playrooms and children’s rooms transform into a chaotic mess. To mitigate the chaos, every time your child surpasses a milestone, go through every toy in the room and set aside all the ones that have been outgrown. Place them in plastic bins and label them according to age. If you’re planning on having more kids, store them in the attic or garage, if not, donate them and get them out of your hair.

2) DIY Rolling Underbed Bins

Beneath beds hide a trove of storage space for a variety of items. The problem is that most people tend to just stuff things under there, making it chaotic, disorganized and difficult to clean. Instead, take on a weekend DIY project and measure out wood for perfectly sized bins with wheels to attach at the bottom and handles to pull them out for easy access.

3) Repurposed Bookshelf

Use height to your advantage with a repurposed bookshelf. Rather than place toys loosely on the shelves, organize them neatly in labeled bins. For a fun option, use chalkboard paint as labels with colorful chalk. Just make sure you place all the common toys at the bottom for easy access and all the occasional toys at the top. Also, ensure that you secure the bookshelf to the wall – toddlers are climbers!

4) Over-The-Door Shoe Rack

They are not only for shoes, these useful shoe racks can be used to store a whole host of items. Place one on each side of the closet door, on the inside you can be liberal with what you store. On the outside, however, incorporate it as a decor element and use it to store things within the same theme, like stuffed animals. For extra points, decorate the rack.


Looking for more storage solutions? Here’s what to store in your garage and what not to.

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