Moving? Here’s What Packing Materials You Need

pack moving materials

Moving is widely regarded as one of the most stressful things a person can experience, which is surprising given the limitless stressful scenarios that exist, including sickness, the death of a loved one, personal debt and on and on. After accepting that it’s one of the most stressful experiences we can have, the next course of action should be to mitigate the stress as much as possible by being prepared. Well in advance, you should determine whether you’re moving yourself or hiring movers and either booking a truck or booking movers for the desired date. Next, it would be prudent to book off a day or two from work, don’t try and complete everything in a weekend. And finally, before you get packing, make sure you have all the packing materials required to pack everything securely.

Packing materials may be expensive and while you may be proud about being frugal while skimping out on supplies, you won’t be too proud if valuables, like crystal or China, get damaged, far outweighing any potential savings. If you don’t mind paying but are unaware of what’s needed, that also poses a problem. You could easily be unwittingly omitting important packing materials that lead to upsetting damages as well.

Movers are careful with your things, but not that careful. Despite having insurance, if the materials aren’t packed properly, it’s on you. Eliminate additional stress by following this checklist and tips for packing materials you should get:

1) Boxes

The best boxes you can get are reusable plastic bins, unfortunately, when you’re executing a big move, the cost for plastic bins adds up quickly. Alternatively, cardboard boxes are fine, as long as they’re in good shape. If using second-hand boxes, inspect them carefully for durability.

2) Box Cutters

Box Cutters are essential for cutting boxes, which you will be doing a lot of. Make sure you buy more than one, they have a knack for disappearing when being shared.

3) Packing Tape

Make sure you buy at least six rolls of packing tape for closing boxes and securing items.

4) Magic Markers

Again, get several, they also have a knack for disappearing. This is needed to mark certain boxes as ‘FRAGILE’, so the movers know what to be careful with, as well as for labeling purposes. Number your boxes and keep a packing list so you can keep track of everything.

5) Mattress Bags

You sleep on your mattress, you’re going to want to keep it clean with a mattress bag. Being stressed is not an excuse to disregard hygiene.

6) Stretch Wrap

This will protect furniture and awkward items that can’t be put into boxes from knicks, dirt and stains.

7) Packing Peanuts

These are essential for filling up empty spaces in boxes to prevent loose items from moving around and getting damaged.

8) Bubble wrap

Fragile kitchen items, electronics and the like should be thoroughly bubble wrapped to prevent any breakage. Don’t forget to mark the box ‘FRAGILE’, bubble wrap doesn’t make your fragile items impervious to breakage.

9) Clean Newsprint

For items that are susceptible to staining and scratching but are otherwise durable, don’t waste any expensive bubble wrap. Instead, use clean newsprint to create a barrier. Don’t use newspaper, the ink easily comes off and stains.

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