Home Improvements That Will Increase the Value of Your Home


Taking time out to create home improvement projects around the house not only increases the value of your home, but boosts the quality of living for you and your family. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment knowing that you made it happen. So whether you’re looking to do some home improvement projects to sell your home, up the quality of living for you and your family, or just wanting pick up home improvement projects as a hobby – here are some ideas to get you started.

The facade of your home

Having an appealing house facade is eye candy for anyone who strolls by your home. In general, the popular areas for most homeowners that pick up on home improvement projects for the facade of their home are: fences, front curb appeal, front door, front yard gardening and landscaping. Before getting started, think about aspects of the front of your home that you want improve. Draw out your idea or look for inspiration online. Then with your gathered ideas, ask for some second opinions to see what others think (maybe they might have ideas to add to your idea). Depending your location, improving the facade of the home will increase the value of your home by about 11.7% on average.

The home interior

Does your home ever feel outdated? Do you let your mind linger on the various fixes and repairs you need to make? Those are the perfect spots for you to start your interior home improvement project. Don’t have any ideas? No worries! We’ve found that when most people enter a house, they notice the flooring, space, fireplace, counter tops and appliances, so why not start there?

Depending on the architectural style of your home, consider the different types of flooring material, wall paint, and texture to add a touch of warmth and space to the house. Perhaps there is an wall in your home that is taking up unnecessary space? You can opt to tear it down to open up the room (but make sure to get an opinion from a project engineer first to make sure you won’t damage any structural beams in the house).

Many people enjoy having a fireplaces in their homes, not just for heating but also for the warm ambiance that it gives off. Taking some time to fix any damage or clear out any blockage affecting the chimney could boost the value of your home.

Last but not least, take a look at your kitchen. Are the appliances outdated? Do the counter tops need a face-lift? Do the cabinets need a new varnish? In this day and age, stainless steal appliances with built-in smart technology are trending for their convenience, simplicity, and elegance. Consider if this could be the right fit for your kitchen before jumping on the bandwagon, because based on the fashion and style of the home it may not be and could devalue the house. We’ve found that fixing and renovating your kitchen increases the value of your home by about an average of 13%.

The backyard

Your outdoor fun and comfort zone is your backyard. It’s where family BBQ’s happen, where you can read under your favorite shady bench, where you sip your afternoon tea in the sun, and where your friends and family gather to create amazing memories. If you haven’t done any of those, then you’re missing out. If you have, then you know what we’re talking about. In any case, your backyard is supposed to be a place where you can enjoy the outdoors as close to home as possible. Some great ideas for backyard home improvement projects are: pools, decks, backyard landscaping, outdoor stone BBQ grills, and outdoor bonfire stone pits. Based on your personal interest, any of these backyard home improvement projects are well worth the effort. A bonus: improving your backyard can increase the value of your home by 11% and (depending on the type of landscaping) save you money!

What do you think of these ideas? Have you tried any? Tell us about it by commenting below.



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