Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze With These 5 Easy Tips


Some people look forward to Spring cleaning all year long. They’re ready to tackle all the clutter that’s built up in their garage, basement or anywhere else. Warm weather also means you can finally go around the house and comfortably give your home a good cleaning both inside and out.

Does this sound like you or are you one of those people who dread Spring cleaning? If so, it’s probably because you’re doing things the hard way. Before you take on this year’s spring cleaning, consider these tips for your annual routine. We’re confident they’ll help you not only do a better job but you’ll do it so quick and easy that you’ll have a good time as well.

1. Store your winter clothes the right way

The high temperatures are coming, which means goodbye to all your big jackets, thick socks, and other clothes that kept you warm all winter. Instead of just tossing it all in bags or boxes, consider using large plastic storage containers. We’re talking about the ones with snap-on lids that you can find at Target, Wal-Mart, and just about any department store.

We recommend plastic containers because they’re the best way to keep your stores clothes from collecting dust. The bigger containers can also keep plenty of clothing inside if you store them the right way— rolling. Doing so (instead of folding) saves more space while reducing the amount of wrinkles and creases the clothes will have when you take them out again later this year.

2. Equip yourself with a cleaning kit

A lot of people set themselves up for a hectic Spring cleaning experience right from the get go. If only they knew that with a little preparation they could significantly reduce the amount of running around the house they do while cleaning. To avoid this, whip up a cleaning kit that you can carry around with you from room to room.

While this tip sounds like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised by how many of us spend our cleaning time going around looking for the cleaning spray downstairs, the dusters inside the garage, etc. Make things easier for you by tossing together a carriable kit with brushes, sponges, sprays, and everything else you’ll need to get the next task done.

3. Throw a yard/garage sale

Have you ever watched one of those hoarding shows on TV? The ones where people with excessive hoarding problems receive treatment and help. One of the reasons they’re so popular is because deep down inside we find seeing a junk-stuffed house getting cleaned up very satisfying.

Your place is probably nowhere near as crazy as people who suffer from compulsive hoarding disorder. Of course, most people approach springtime with way more things than they need thanks to the holidays. Instead of stressing over where you’ll keep all your old stuff, consider selling some of it in a yard sale. You’d be surprised by how much extra cash you can make by selling stuff you don’t need to people who do.

4. Focus on one room at a time

One way to overwhelm yourself while spring cleaning is by trying to clean everything at once. Whether you have a big house or small home, you’re more likely to tire yourself out and leave unfinished jobs if you go from one side to the other instead of taking on one room at a time.

By staying in one room at a time you’re reducing the chances of getting distracted. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself with a half-finished bathroom all because you couldn’t resist giving the microwave a good cleaning. And since you were already in the kitchen, you went ahead and scrubbed the tile counters as well. Focusing on one room at a time also lets you separate your spring cleaning into different days instead of trying to do it all at once.

5. Listen to your favorites while you clean

Let’s face it: not everyone is counting down the days until their spring cleaning session with joy. The thought of scrubbing, sweeping, and wiping your entire place doesn’t sound nearly as fun as going out or relaxing in front of the TV. But since it’s something that has to be done, you may as well do things to make it go faster.

The age-old tip is to listen to some of your favorite music while tackling those dirty toilets and tubs. With today’s technology you can even set up your smartphone or tablet to play your favorite shows or movies for you to listen to (not watch!) while you work. You’d be surprised by how much quicker the cleaning process goes when you’re listening to a good podcast or Youtube channel.

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