Is Your Newly Purchased Home Giving You the Jitters?

New Home Jitters

You just closed on your new home and it’s finally time to move in!  This is supposedly an exciting time in your life, yet you’re feeling more overwhelmed and anxious than you are excited. If you’re having these uneasy feelings, don’t worry– you’re not alone and this is totally normal. This feeling is typically referred to as buyer’s remorse. In light of your worries, worrying is a helpful emotion that will help you to spur into action and take charge of your new responsibilities as a homeowner. To help ease these worrisome feelings, give yourself some time and follow these simple tips to help you get out of the remorseful mindset and into a more positive one.

Make a checklist.

Try to recognize what it is that you’re feeling most anxious about; is it the mortgage payments? Plans to renovate? Decorating issues? Remember, you can’t get everything you want to get done finished in one day.  Consider making a checklist of the things you’d like to accomplish in your new home and go through them one at a time at a reasonable pace.  Before you know it you’ll be checking projects off your list and feeling very accomplished.

Throw a house-warming party.

Being around friends and family you care about is always a big morale booster, and inviting them into your home will bring you the positive reinforcement you need.  Seeing your friends excited about this new stage of your life will likely get you out of your funk and help you to be excited about your new home again.  Since you will want your guests to see your new house at its best, a party gives you an excuse to decorate.  Adding your personal touch to your home (a new coat of paint, wall art, etc.) will help you feel more comfortable in your home and give you a reason to feel proud.

Remember why you loved your home in the first place.

Reflect on the time you first saw this home when it was for sale– why did you fall in love with it? Was it the cozy kitchen nook? The spacious backyard? Whatever it was that gave this house the wow factor you were looking for, embrace it! This home is all yours now, and you get to enjoy what you love about it every single day.  If there are some things about the house you’d like to improve on, take the time to add them to your to-do-list and then work on them at your own pace.  Don’t let your home issues take over your life– you’ve spent enough of your time on the whole buying process, now it’s time to enjoy the space and get back into your daily routine.

You found your perfect house– so stop looking and comparing other ones.

You may have been in the house hunting and home-buying mode up until now. The search and home buying process is over. The best next step for you to get some peace of mind is to stop the urge to want to look at other homes that are for sale. Even though you may have no intention of buying again, looking at other homes may start to make you wonder, “what if….” This mindset can make you grow less confident in your choice and may even feel negative towards it. Embrace your new home, create some new home projects for yourself, and enjoy this new stage of your life.

If you own your home, have you ever felt buyer’s remorse after purchasing it? If so, what are some of the things you did to get over it? Comment and share with our new and soon to be homeowners in the comment section below!

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