So You’ve Found That House, Now Here’s What Not to Say…

Things You Should Never Say When You Find the House You Want to Buy

You’ve been searching the market for your dream house, and finally, you’ve found the one…but wait before you go out and say anything to the home seller or their real estate agent. You should be careful not to blurt out the following, in case you miss out on a good deal with the seller.

Never ever blurt out the words: “This is my dream house,” or any variation of the phrase. After months of searching, it’s hard not to contain your excitement when you find that house that you are totally in love with. If the seller or seller’s real estate agent hears this, you are left with little to no negotiation power. So, it’s best to contain that excitement before it can be used against you.

Never ever badmouth the sellers’ taste in furniture and decor. Nothing good ever comes from being negative. If the seller or seller’s real estate agents hears you badmouthing their taste, they will most likely go with another buyer instead of you. No one wants to do business with someone who is inconsiderate when there are other offers on the house. So remember, if you don’t like something… just keep it to yourself.

Never ever give your opinion about the seller’s selling price. Doing so just might make you look like an amateur buyer, and that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Instead, just let your real estate agent handle the negotiation. After all, they’re the experts and that’s what they’re there for. By being opinionated about the selling price, you might be rubbing the house seller and his/her real estate agent the wrong way.

Good luck on your home search!

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