5 Ways to Subtly Decorate Your Home this Holiday

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For many home owners, decorating their home for the holidays is something they look forward to every year.  But if you’re attempting to sell your home this holiday season, you may want to consider skipping the decorations this year; as too much cheer can overwhelm potential buyers and stop them from seeing what great things your home has to offer. Read on to learn some subtle decorating tricks to help you savor the season without letting it get in the way of making a sale.

Downsize your Christmas tree.

While a seven foot Christmas tree adorned with lights and ornaments in the middle of your living room can be quite beautiful, it’s really not helpful when you’re trying to show off the space to potential buyers.  When buyers come through your home, let them see the room in its entirety– without a massive amount of foliage in the way. If you really can’t go one year without the smell of pine in the air, consider downsizing your tree to a table top size.  You can put a miniature tree on an end table to help give your home a hint of holiday spirit without letting it completely take over the room.

Showcase your front door.

Christmas lights hung on the exterior of your home are a staple when it comes to holiday décor.  But if you’re trying to sell your home, lights and other decorations can really take away from your home’s curb appeal.  A poorly executed design can cheapen your home and make it look cluttered and messy. If you can’t bare to forgo decorating the outside of your home this year, focus on decorating just the front door.  Consider putting up a beautiful wreath, or ribbons adorned with silver bells on your front door.  It gives the exterior of your home that hint of holiday spirit it needs without being too distracting to potential buyers.

Focus on the mantle.

In a living room or even bedroom, the fireplace often serves as a room’s centerpiece– a place where families like to spend time together around the warmth of the fire.  This is the perfect place to put some simple décor to help bring some extra warmth into the room. Perhaps a display of a couple pine cones, a candle or two – or even a nice snow globe can really make a mantel look charming during the holidays. If you choose to decorate your mantel, remember that you don’t need to go crazy decorating the rest of the room.

A tasteful centerpiece can go a long way.

The kitchen tends to be the most used room in a home.  It’s where families gather every night to break bread and talk about their day.  For this reason, staging a kitchen table is a great way to make the room look warm and lived in.  A table centerpiece featuring a bowl with festive fruit and seasonal foliage can really make your kitchen come to life during the holidays.   If you don’t decorate any other room in your home, this kitchen centerpiece can remind people how warm the home can be during the holidays without overwhelming them with décor.

Decorate with the smells of the holidays.

If you’re worried about décor getting in the way of potential buyers getting to really see your home, consider decorating aromatically.  Leave around some holiday scented candles to help make your home feel the warmth of the holiday season.  Just a candle or two will do– you don’t want buyers to become offended by the strong smells and leave feeling nauseous.

Have you ever attempted to sell your home during the holiday season? If so, did you still decorate? Let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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