Catch Millennial Buyers with a Pokemon Go Themed Open House


Are you planning on selling your home and want to have a good outcome? Millennials are one of the leading groups in the home buying market at 26% according to as of 03/09/2016 and 35% in 2015. Catering to tech savvy millennials with fun and interesting concepts that appease to their nostalgic interests is a great way to have a larger turnout at your open house. Today, the app Pokemon Go is wildly popular among the millennial generation, so why not use it as a theme for your next open house? Consider using the mobile Pokemon Go app to use the Pokemon Lure Module and a Pokemon themed event to get millennials to your next showing. This is a great way to perk up interest and get millennials (who haven’t thought about buying) to consider their home buying possibilities. The following are some fun Pokemon Go strategies you can consider for your next open house event:

Put up Pokemon Lures. Lure Modules, like the Incense item (in the Pokemon Go app) attract Pokemons to show up. However, Incense items attract Pokemons to the individual, whereas Lure Modules attract Pokemons to a location. These Lures can be placed at any Poke Stop and lasts for half an hour, so if the house happens to be close to one, then you are in luck. With a few of your friends, you can download the Pokemon Go app. Each new account comes with 2 free incense that lasts for 30 minutes. Lure Modules, however, are not free and you can buy one for $0.99. So however long your open house event is, be sure to consider how many Lure Modules and/or Incense you’ll need available. If you find that you need some extras, you can use the Poke Stops to spin every few minutes to potentially get Incense or just buy it in the Pokemon Go app shop. This is a great way to gamify the open house experience for millennial buyers to see home buying in a fun, hip way– and by implementing a fun app like this, it helps them to feel more in their element, and are more likely to come to the open house with an open mind. Moreover, this will make the experience for you and whoever is involved in setting up the open house more fun.

Set up Pokemon food themes. Going along with a fun Pokemon themed experience, you can set up a snack table with cookies, candies, and fruits with labels based on the foods that Pokemon eat.

Make it a Pokemon contest. Contests are fun and most people enjoy winning prizes. Perhaps you could give a 5 dollar starbucks card to the first few people who catch the first 3 Pokemons that appear. Or even have a raffle ticket contest with a stuffed Pokemon giveaway for a lucky potential buyer in order to get them more excited about the house.

Whether you decide to theme your next open house based on the Pokemon Go app, or with any other fun themes, it’s sure to bring an extra level of excitement to an otherwise run of the mill open house. This way, buyers are more likely to come see a house they may have otherwise passed up! And it’s a great opportunity for you to gain more leads. Either way, it’s a win-win!

Would you be interested in going to a themed open house? Let us know in the comments below! For more tips on how to sell your home check out tips on selling your home fast.

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