Selling Your Home: 5 Types of Photos You Definitely Don’t Want to Post Online

Phots of Your Home You Shouldn't Post Online-min

Before making any big purchases, research shows that 70% of buyers go through and online research process. That being said, it’s in your best interest as a seller to market your property with stellar photos. Bad listing photos can keep your property from selling. Avoid the following photography faux pas if you want your property to get positive attention online.

Focusing on un-impressive amenities.

Potential buyers want to get a feel for the size of a room through your pictures.  That’s why taking pictures of the kitchen sink or a ceiling fan (as beautiful as it may be) don’t really help convey anything about the style of the room.  Sure, showing some of your home’s amenities is important, but they shouldn’t be a focal point of any of your photographs.  If they’re interested enough in the home to come see it in person, they can take a closer look at its amenities and appliances at that time.

Failing to tidy up for picture day.

People are looking at photos of your home because they want to imagine what their stuff could look like inside of it—not judge yours.  If you’re taking pictures of your home, take the time to clear out any clutter.  Viewers should never be distracted by dirty clothes on the floor or random items stuffed into a corner of the room. If potential buyers see that you don’t bother to tidy up for important photos, they’ll probably wonder what else in the house is being neglected.  For the time being, move any clutter out of the shot and make plans to store it elsewhere during showings.

Poor lighting.

No matter how beautiful your home is, grainy photos can make them look significantly less desirable.  Dark, grainy photos can actually make a home look menacing and give off negative vibes.  Pay close attention to unflattering shadows and what time of day gives the exterior and interior of your home the best light. When taking pictures of your home’s interior, be sure to open all the blinds and curtains to ensure the home is as well lit as possible.

Letting corners take center stage.

While the corners of your home may be painted to perfection, there’s no need to showcase them in your photos.  Taking pictures of corners tells potential buyers nothing about the size of a room or its lighting.

Unsavory bathroom shots.

As clean and fancy as your toilets may be, we don’t want to stare straight into the bowl.  When taking photos of your bathroom, make sure to show off the space and lighting of the room.  If you take a photo at an odd angle it can actually make the bathroom appear smaller than it actually is. And don’t forget to angle your reflection out of the photo: this certainly isn’t the time to take selfies.

Here’s a helpful tip: If you’re really having trouble taking quality photos of your home, consider hiring a professional photographer to do the job.  Your real estate agent will likely be able to refer one.  While you may not want to spend extra money on a professional photographer, it very well may end up saving your home from sitting on the market far longer than you wish.

Have you ever taken photos of your home for sale and posted them online? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below. For more tips on how to sell your home check out Selling Home Secrets.

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