Technology that Could Make Headway in Real Estate in 2016


Every year there is some kind of new technology to buzz about, and this year’s no exception. But what’s in it for the real estate industry?¬†Technology tools like virtual reality real estate listings, 3D printers, drones, and smart technology may allow real estate agents and home buyers see real estate properties in real time; and in the comforts of their chairs (or at least not have to go too far to see their estate of interest). Lets dig a bit deeper and explore these new technology trends, and then you tell us what you think.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality tours are created using special cameras that will allow prospective home buyers and renters to visually see space within a room or property as if they were there. Virtual tours can be created and be embedded on the real estate agent’s website, which will allow for more interactivity and bring to life an experience of the property. This could be very beneficial for property management companies and real estate agents. Aside from the virtual tours you will see on websites, users may be able to use virtual tour goggles if they own them or if their real estate agent owns one. Currently, the Oculus Rift Sytem costs $1,500, which is quite pricey so you might not see too many of them around just yet; but keep your eyes open.

3D Printing

3D printing is making head way for the science community by printing bio ligaments and tendons; but the science community aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this innovative technology. Some Chinese companies such as WinSun and ZhuoDa are using 3D printing technology to build physical live size homes and even villas along with all the interiors attached. If 3D printed homes become a big trend in China, we might see them very soon in the US too.

Drones Or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Having drones hovering above sounds like something from a science fiction book or movie; but the technology is available and it is here. Now with software like Skydio and AirWave, you can easily record aerial views of your property; however, this new technology can only be used with special authorization by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), so you wont be seeing too many drones flying around. Hopefully the FAA will approve the general use of drones sometime in 2016.

Smart Technology

Within the theme of smart technology, smart homes is available to us now. Where once we used to worry about whether we left on the stove or forgot to turn off the coffee maker – with smart home we can now control our home appliances and devices with a simple click on our smartphone or tablet. If you’re a savvy tech homeowner or renter you can now download apps to connect with devices in your home that have already built in smart technology. This is a step up in living comfortably in your home.

What do you think of all these awesome technology advancements? Which one do you think we will see more prevalent of as the clock winds down on 2016?

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